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Kidney Stone Symptoms In Women!

The most common cause of kidney stone is not drinking enough water. Today we are going to learn about kidney stone symptoms in women. Kidney stones are one of the most deadly silent killers. Even people are not aware they have a problem of kidney stone until it becomes critical.

According to the National kidney Foundation, in America, more than 26 million people suffer from some kind of kidney disease. Before knowing about kidney stone symptoms in women, we should know the kidneys first.

Kidney Stone Symptoms In Women

Kidneys are important for overall body functions and for health. It performs many vital functions of the body. The kidneys are looks like two bean-shaped organs located in the back of the abdominal cavity on either side of the spine, just above the waist.

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Kidneys help to regulate the production of red blood cells, release hormones to regulate blood pressure, help to remove waste products and also help to produce an active form of vitamin D needed for bones.

Let’s get some knowledge about the kidney stone. As we all know the kidneys filter waste from the blood and create urine. Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stick together in concentrated urine.

Kidney stones can be about the size of a sugar crystal to a ping pong ball. They can be painful when passing through the urinary tract. But they are rarely noticed unless cause a blockage.

Kidney Stone Symptoms In Women

Small stones may pass without causing symptoms but large stones cause some painful symptoms.

Here are some symptoms of kidney stone in women which can damage the kidney and also affect health badly.

1. Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea along with vomiting is a symptom of kidney stone. Emesis is the medical term of vomiting. Kidney stones can cause a sudden effect in the form of nausea and vomiting.

When stones travel from the kidneys to the bladder you may feel nausea and may vomit instantly. So if you are feeling vomiting and nausea, don’t ignore it! Consult a doctor.

2. Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

In the early stages of kidney stone, The condition of having trouble in urine flow, any type of burning problem while urination and having irritation and itching are the symptoms of kidney stones and urinary tract infection too. Chances of urinary tract infection, in women, is high.

Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

Abnormality of the urinary tract that obstructs the flow of urine, can be because of kidney stones. In other words, if anyone feels pain and irritation in the urinary tract, it may happen when kidney stones travel from kidney to bladder.

3. Variation In Color Of Urine

In the case of kidney stones, You can see blood while urination. Urine turns to red because of having damage from large kidney stones. There are many variations in color of urine which cause by the kidney stone. Pink, red and brown urine are one of the common symptoms of kidney stone.

There are many variations in color of urine which cause by the kidney stone. Pink, red and brown urine are one of the common symptoms of kidney stone.

Variation in color of urine

Anyone can easily measure the differences in color of urine. So if you find any changes in the color of urine, You can go for a test of kidney stone and solve the problem of small and large kidney stones and get rid of it.

4. Pain


The symptoms of kidney stones are full of pain. If any women having the kidney stone, she will feel severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs, pain in lower abdomen and groin.

When the stones travel from kidney to bladder, an instant pain comes along with that.

Pain while urination is also a common symptom of kidney stone. This pain comes as waves and with fluctuations. Sometimes the level of pain is high or in increasing order and sometimes it will come for few seconds only.

5. Cloudy or Foul-Smelling Urine

The If your urine smells foul and have a very hard smell all the time when you urinate, that can be because of the kidney stones. Have a check up with the specialist if the foul smell continues.

Cloudy or Foul-Smelling Urine

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So these are some kidney stone symptoms in women . If you like our articles then show us your support by liking our Facebook Fan page. We will be back with another health related article soon.

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